$1000 to a new creative 
project every week.

We call it a community stimulus. Here’s how it works: we’re giving our friend Jack $1,000 every week to give away. Have an idea you’ve been sitting on for a while? Braid can help. Submit your idea below.

The hardest part is getting started

Been wanting to start something with a few people? A public art project, a community garden, or a gaming collective? We know how hard it is to get started.

We need more doers, especially now

Now is the time to do it. We’re excited to see what you’re working on and want to help you get started.


We’re building tools that make it easy to manage money with a group (that’s our creative project). Braid can help track your collective spending.


We’re giving out $1,000 a week to a creative project that’s just getting started. The rules are simple: bring your project to life, and use Braid to pay for your shared expenses. Most importantly, tell us about what you make.

Figure out your project

A lot of us have a project we talk about with our friends. Whether it’s a mural, a food truck pop-up, a music video, a podcast, and on and on.

Create a Braid account and pool money together

There’s a moment when the project feels “real,” whether it’s buying a domain name or a can of paint. It’s the moment when you feel committed.

Use Braid digital and physical debit cards to pay together

You’re building together, so you should be able to pay together. Track your project expenses in one place and stop keeping a spreadsheet.

Frequently asked questions

Why are you doing this, and is it real?
How can Braid help our project?
Is Braid secure? Is it free? Will you check my credit?