The most flexible account, ever

Braid makes it easy to spend together, however you choose to do it. It’s designed to be flexible and to adapt to your life.
Confusion-free sending, spending, and requesting.
Add money to your groups for later use, request money from group members to pay bills, or send directly to another user—wherever your money needs to go, we’ll get it there.
Instantly transfer from group to group.
Move money from your friend group to your bachelorette weekend group, with no stress and no account shuffling.
Transfer to and from existing accounts.
You don’t need to leave your bank account behind to use Braid—because we work with any bank. Move money as-needed to fund your groups.
Unique routing and account numbers.
Each group works like its own mini account—with full account capabilities. Even auto-debits are easy to set up.
Braid is secure and safe
  • Your money is safe and protected
  • Bank-level encryption and security practices
  • Real, live humans at your service should you ever need help
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