Introducing Braid Groups

A group is a way to share messages and money with your friends and family. You can add money to your groups easily from any bank account, and spend from the group using your Braid Card. What groups will you make?

Group Icon$236.73
Mrs. Harrison's Pod

"Pod Learning - Arts & Crafts"

Parents contribute equally anytime funds start running low.

Group Icon$863.93
Emma & Noah

"Co-Parenting Expenses"

Share expenses for your children with a co-parent as the bills arrive.

Group Icon$87.21
Fun nights at home

"$75 every two weeks"

A group for movie and game nights.

Group Icon$37.19
College Supplies

"For the fall semester"

Saving $20 each week for books and supplies.

Group Icon$236.73

"$150 a week"

Each person contributes $50 per week to buy groceries together.

Group Icon$81.02
Lana and Ray

"Stuff we split"

For eating out, movies, travel, utilities and rent for Lana and Ray’s shared apartment.

Group Icon$103.41

"Just for our stuff"

Oscar and Justin share an apartment and a car, and use this group to pay for rent, parking, insurance and maintenance.

Group Icon$14,293.21
Our dream home

"A little bit at a time"

Ron and Valentina are paying for their home renovation.

Group Icon$90.00
Ugly Sweater Party 2020

"December holiday party fund"

Anna and Yasmin contribute money each month to save for their December holiday party.

Group Icon$123.07
Monthly Bills

"A place for monthly bills"

Recurring bills are paid out of this account

Group Icon$65.04
Friday Night Pizza Party

"For pizza and movies"

$20 a person for pizza and movie Fridays.

Group Icon$309.26
Basketball Team

"Collecting dues"

Team dues are $50 per month.

Group Icon$138.43
Dance Team

"Team expenses"

20 parents pay for team expenses for their middle school dance team.

Group Icon$136.80
88 Bradford Ave.

"Shared expenses"

Five roommates collect rent and utilities each month, and pay them.

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