Backed By Braid Terms & Conditions

Last updated on September 1st, 2020

Backed By Braid Terms & Conditions

These Promotional Terms and Conditions (“Promotional Terms”) govern your participation in the Backed by Braid Promotion (the “Promotion”) offered by Braid Network, Inc. (“Braid”). By participating in the Promotion, you hereby agree to be bound by these Promotional Terms in addition to the Braid Terms of Service ( and Braid Privacy Policy ( Program Description

  • Backed by Braid is an ongoing promotion to encourage creative and community-driven projects.
  • Braid will contribute $1,000 each week to a single project, to be deposited in one of the recipient’s group accounts
  • In order to be considered for the $1,000, you’ll need to fill out our Enrollment Form (
  • We’re looking for projects that benefit an online or offline community, whether it’s a food project, a community garden, a gaming collective, a project that provides better access to high-speed internet, art, music, or podcasts.

Promotion Period

This program commences on October 06, 2020 and will continue on a rolling basis until Braid, in its sole discretion, announces its conclusion of the Promotion, including, without limitation, through notice on its website, the removal of the Promotion enrollment page, or direct correspondence (the “Promotion Eligibility Period”). Participants will have until the end of the Promotion Eligibility Period to submit their applications for entry (an “Application”) for the Promotion. Enrollment To enroll, you must:


To be eligible for the Promotion, you must have a shared account with Braid consisting of yourself and at least one (1) other user, and enroll that account in the Promotion by submitting a completed and accurate Application using our Enrollment Form ( The Promotional award will be applied to the applicable shared account account only.

If your Application is selected as a winner, Braid will deposit One Thousand U.S. Dollars ($1000 USD) into your account within thirty (30) days of their notification of your winning entry (the “Promotional Credit”); provided that by the end of such thirty (30) day period, each user on the winning shared account must (i) have agreed to these Promotional Terms, including, without limitation, the Publicity Rights Section below; and (ii) maintain the shared account in good standing.

By submitting an Application, you hereby represent and warrant that: (i) all statements, representations, and documents submitted with your Application are truthful, and not fraudulent or misleading; (ii) your project does not violate any applicable laws, or infringe, misappropriate, or otherwise violate the intellectual property rights of any third party; and (iii) you will use the funds solely for the project outlined in your Application.

You may enroll only one shared account in the Promotion. If you have already enrolled in one shared account, you and/or other account holders of a second, separate account will not be able to enroll another account in the Promotion.

Attempts to enroll multiple accounts, create fake accounts, engage in fraud with respect to the Promotion, or otherwise violate these Promotional Terms, the Braid Terms of Service, or applicable laws, will result in immediate suspension of your account, forfeiture of any benefits or funds awarded during this Promotion, and referral to any appropriate credit and/or law enforcement authorities.

Braid reserves the right to determine, in its sole discretion, what constitutes a winning Application, and which users and accounts are eligible for the Promotion.

You hereby agree and acknowledge that Braid’s selection of winning Applications is not an endorsement of your project or shared account as described in the selected Application. Publicity Rights

As consideration for the Promotional Credit, you hereby agree and consent to grant Braid the following rights (collectively, “Publicity Rights”): (i) To take photographs, or audiovisual or other digital recordings that contain your likeness as well as the likeness or image of your property; (ii) To take, record, or publish, or obtain testimonials or other statements from you; (iii) To use your name along with the name of the project and/or organization identified in your Application, including all intellectual property rights in, and arising from, the use of such name.

You hereby agree that Braid may copy, adapt, distribute, publish, display, exhibit and otherwise use, either in whole or in part, any materials containing or incorporating the Publicity Rights for its commercial and business purposes, including, without limitation, as part of one or more film, video, or multimedia presentations, on Braid’s website, or in any educational, advertising, marketing and promotional materials; provided that, Braid agrees it will not significantly alter or misrepresent the original content.

You hereby release and discharge Braid, its employees, agents, successors, licensees and assigns from any and all claims you might have in connection with Braid’s use, display, dissemination or exploitation of Publicity Rights material, including but not limited to, any claims for defamation, violation of moral or artist rights, or any intellectual property right, including, without limitation, any right of privacy or publicity.

You hereby agree that Braid is the sole and exclusive owner of all right, title, and interest in all materials containing or incorporating the Publicity Rights, including all interest in copyrights, trademark rights, and any and all other intellectual property rights contained therein. You further agree not to take any action to challenge or object to the validity of such rights or Braid’s ownership or registration thereof. Other Important Terms and Conditions

Any notices, disputes, or issues arising from this Promotion will be subject to provisions and procedures set forth in the Braid Terms of Service. To the extent there is a conflict between these Promotional Terms and the Braid Terms of Service, these Promotional Terms shall prevail.

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