How does Braid work?

Start a pool and share the Pool Link

Start a pool and share the Pool Link

Create a pool for “Merchandise” or “New PA system”

Collect contributions

Collect contributions

Band members and fans can contribute using the Pool Link. Contributors don't need a Braid account to contribute to your pool.

Spend directly from the pool

Spend directly from the pool

No need to cover band expenses from personal accounts.

The best shared wallet to manage band money

Pool for all your band’s needs

Collect money from merchandise and ticket sales, budget for equipment and studio time, divide band income among band and crew members, set up crowdfunding for upcoming tours, and more!

Collect money with the Pool Link

Send the pool link to people who want to contribute to the pool with a debit card. They can contribute funds without downloading the app!

Invite band members

Members can download Braid, join the pool and manage band money with you.

See transactions in real-time 

Instant notifications show when members spend money on musical equipment, merchandise, etc.

Braid is free to use

Keep all your band money for band expenses in the pool

Guide to Managing Band Finances [Set Up Funds for your Band & Music Tour]

Learn how to manage your band’s finances, start a fund for your band or music tour, and collect money to support your band all with Braid Money Pools.

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Guide to Managing Band Finances [Set Up Funds for your Band & Music Tour]

Braid is Safe and Secure

We use best-in-class security and compliance practices to keep your money safe and your personal data private.

All payment and personal information are encrypted end-to-end using SSL 256-bit encryption.

Get spending notifications from your pools, and freeze your debit card anytime in the app.

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