How does Braid work?

Set up your pool

Set up your pool

For example, Sophomore Savings Group, Southside Savings Club, etc.

Collect savings

Collect savings

Members can contribute savings as often as the group decides

Disburse funds or loans

Disburse funds or loans

Make rotating payouts or small loans directly from the pool

A Dedicated Pool for Group Savings

Customize & share the pool link

Anyone can contribute to the pool without needing to sign up by sharing the pool link with them

Invite members of your savings group

Make your savings group collaborative and transparent by inviting members to download the app and join the pool

Manage access

Assign group leaders as admins and set pool permissions for each member

See transactions as they happen

Track contributions, payouts, and loan disbursement with notifications and financial statements

No fees

Keep 100% of the savings you collect for rotating payouts and small loans

How to Set up a Community Savings Group: A Step-by-Step Guide

Increase your community’s savings and financial security with a community savings group. Learn how community savings groups work, how to organize and set one up, and how Braid Money Pools will help yours succeed.

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How to Set up a Community Savings Group: A Step-by-Step Guide

Braid is Safe and Secure

We use best-in-class security and compliance practices to keep your money safe and your personal data private.

All payment and personal information are encrypted end-to-end using SSL 256-bit encryption.

Get spending notifications from your pools, and freeze your debit card anytime in the app.

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