How does Braid work?

Customize and share your link

Customize and share your link

Start a pool for community project funding and share the link to raise money.

Collect contributions

Collect contributions

Anyone with a debit card can add money, and anyone with the link can support your fundraiser—even if they don’t have the Braid app. 

Spend from the pool

Spend from the pool

Purchase supplies, rent a project site, or offer volunteer transportation to your community action. It’s easy and fee-free to spend from your pool with a Braid debit card.

The best place to pool money for community projects

Raise funds with your Pool Link

Reach your fundraising goal by sharing your Pool Link. It’s simple, and saves your energy for the big to-dos.

Personalize your Pool Link

Helps contributors understand what their contributions are going towards. Add an image, describe the purpose of your community project and what you plan to use the money for.

Get alerts when people contribute

Allow notifications to get alerts when someone contributes to the pool.

Spend with the pool debit card

With Braid you don’t have to manage pooled money in your personal bank account.

Frequently Asked Questions

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