Set up your pool

Set up your pool

For example, “Emergency Funds,” or “Rainy Day”

Contribute Savings

Contribute Savings

Add money to your fund and watch your savings grow

Pay directly from the pool

Pay directly from the pool

Be prepared for any unexpected expenses and pay for them with the Braid debit card 

A Dedicated Pool for Emergency Funds

Your savings needs covered

Use money pools to start saving for your emergency fund. It can be spent on an unexpected car and home repair, medical bills, or loss of income!

Customize & share the pool link

Saving with a group? Anyone can contribute to the pool link with a debit card. 

Invite members to your pool

Make your fund accessible to others in the group by inviting them and giving them spending permissions to spend on group emergencies

Keep track of the expenses

Easily track money coming in and out of your money pool.

No fees

Keep 100% of the money you save.

Braid is Safe and Secure

We use best-in-class security and compliance practices to keep your money safe and your personal data private.

All payment and personal information are encrypted end-to-end using SSL 256-bit encryption.

Get spending notifications from your pools, and freeze your debit card anytime in the app.

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