How does Braid Work?

Start a Braid Pool

Start a Braid Pool

Use the pool to collect money for the family reunion.

Share your Pool Link to collect money

Share your Pool Link to collect money

Family members can contribute with the Pool Link without having to sign up.

Spend or Send from the pool

Spend or Send from the pool

Buy food, utensils, decorations, and even venue fees with the free Braid debit card or send it your debit card instantly

Braid Pools are the simplest way to pool funds for any family reunion expenses

Your family reunion funding needs covered

Use money pools to collect money for food, decorations, venue fees, vendors, entertainment, and more. 

Pool Links make collecting money easy

Family members don’t even need to sign up—they can contribute with a debit or credit card. You can set a specific amount, for example, if you budget exactly how much you need in total and divide it by the number of guests coming to the family reunion.

Personalize your Pool Link

You can use custom text, colors, and images to let family members know how their contributions will help fund the family reunion so they can feel like they really are a part of the party.

Braid Pools are a better way to save and track funds for the family reunion

Braid is a simple way to pool money and spend it. You can invite other family members to help manage and spend the money with you, like if you’re planning the reunion with more than one person. This is great if you have a really big family and need some extra help.

See contributions as they happen

Instant notifications show when someone puts money into the family reunion fund.

Easily spend from your pool with a free debit card

Every Braid Pool comes with a ready-to-use debit card. Use it wherever MasterCard is accepted. Add it to Apple Pay or Google Pay for contactless payment.

Planning Your Family Reunion?

Learn how to plan your next family reunion in 6 easy steps and how to collect payments from family members with Braid Money Pools.

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Braid is safe and secure

We use best-in-class security and compliance practices to keep your money safe and your personal data private.

All payment and personal information are encrypted end-to-end using SSL 256-bit encryption.

Get spending notifications from your pools, and freeze your debit card anytime in the app.

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