Referral Program Terms & Conditions

Last updated on December 1st, 2020

These Referral Program Terms and Conditions (“Program Terms”) govern your participation in the Referral Rewards Program (the “Program”) offered by Braid Network, Inc. (“Braid”). By participating in the Program, you hereby agree to be bound by these Program Terms in addition to the Braid Terms of Service and Braid Privacy Policy

Program Description

Braid will provide credit to an existing user (each, a “Referrer”) who refers others eligible individuals (“Referred Users”) to the Braid platform.

To participate, visit your referral page in the Braid app. There you will find your Referral Link that you can share with friends, colleagues, or other associates.

If a new user signs up using your Referral Link when joining Braid, you may receive a referral credit (“Credit”) based on the terms of the currently applicable promotion.

The maximum Credit available to you through the Program is one-hundred and sixty-five dollars ($165.00) per calendar year (the “Annual Cap”).

Program Period

This program commences on January 1, 2021 and will continue until Braid, in its sole discretion, announces its conclusion of the Program, including, without limitation, through notice on its website, the removal of the Program enrollment page, or direct correspondence (the “Program Period”).


To enroll, you must:

  1. Agree to these Program Terms, the Braid Terms of Service, and the Braid Privacy Policy.
  2. Enroll in the promotion by sharing your Referral Link.


To be eligible for the Program, you (i) must have an account with Braid, (ii) agree to these Program Terms, and (iii) maintain the account in good standing.

In order to receive Credit for a Referred User, the new user must (i) not have an existing account with Braid or have used the same identifying information (e.g., SSN, phone number, or email address) to enroll an existing account at Braid, (ii) meet all eligibility requirements (as stated on the applicable enrollment promotion) and be approved to transact on the Braid platform, and (iii) satisfy the applicable criteria for the enrollment promotion. If the new user meets the applicable requirements, Braid will deposit the funds into your Braid account within thirty (30) days after approving and verifying the new user on the platform.

Attempts to create fake accounts, receive Credit for referring yourself, engage in fraud with respect to the Program, or otherwise violate these Program Terms, the Braid Terms of Service, or applicable laws, will result in immediate suspension of your account, forfeiture of any benefits or funds awarded during this Program, and referral to any appropriate credit and/or law enforcement authorities.

Employees of Braid or its subsidiaries, affiliates, or promotional agencies, including immediate family and household members, are not eligible.

Other Important Terms and Conditions

Any notices, disputes, or issues arising from this Program will be subject to provisions and procedures set forth in the Braid Terms of Service. To the extent there is a conflict between these Program Terms and the Braid Terms of Service, these Program Terms shall prevail.

Braid reserves the right to alter, change, and/or terminate, at any time and for any reason, these Program Terms and/or the Program, which may result in the cancellation of unspent referral credits, provided that Braid first provides written notice, including through electronic means, to each user on the applicable account. In addition, Braid reserves the right to immediately disqualify you or the applicable account from the Program if you have violated these Program Terms, or if you have, in its sole determination, engaged in suspicious, fraudulent, or abusive conduct, or otherwise misused the Program.