How does Braid work?

Customize your pool & Share the Link

Customize your pool & Share the Link

For example “Group Trip” or “Rent & utilities”. You’ll use this link to collect contributions.

Collect Contributions

Collect Contributions

Contributors add money to your pool using their debit cards. Get notified when they do.

Enjoy hassle-free payments

Enjoy hassle-free payments

Use your free Braid debit card to spend pool money wherever Mastercard is accepted - whenever you want. 

A Dedicated Pool For Your Group

Illustration of a Braid Pool Page on the web

Manage access 

Pool members can add, manage, and spend pool money. Set up admins and responsibilities as people come and go. 

See transactions as they happen

Get notified every time someone adds funds or spends with the Braid debit card. 

No fees

Never pay a single fee with Braid. Keep 100% of what you collect and spend it when you want.

PayPal Pools vs. Braid Money Pools

See why Braid gives you the flexibility and convenience that PayPal never could.

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PayPal Pools vs. Braid Money Pools

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