How does Braid work?

Start a pool for your fundraiser

Start a pool for your fundraiser

Braid Pools are free to use. Start as many as you need.

Share your Pool Link to collect donations

Share your Pool Link to collect donations

Share the link with friends and family. Donors don't need a Braid account to contribute.

Spend from the directly from the pool

Spend from the directly from the pool

Use the money you collect to fund your mission or goal with a free debit card.

Manage your personal fundraiser with Braid

Pool Links make fundraising easy

Pool money for medical expenses, creative projects, political campaigns, memorials or funerals,  adoption fees, etc.

Personalize your Pool Link to promote your fundraiser

Add an image and description to let donors know what you plan to do with the money.

Manage your fundraising pool with the Braid app

Available on iPhone and Android.

See contributions as they happen

Allow notifications to get alerts when someone contributes to your pool.

Spend directly from the pool

Every Braid Pool comes with a ready-to-use debit card. No need to manage pooled money in your personal bank account.

Braid is Safe and Secure

We use best-in-class security and compliance practices to keep your money safe and your personal data private.

All payments and personal information are encrypted end-to-end using SSL 256-bit encryption.

Get spending notifications from your pools, and freeze your debit card anytime in the app.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I spend money from the pool?
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