How does Braid work for places of worship?

Customize and share your link

Customize and share your link

Create a pool and share the link with parishioners so they can easily donate straight from their phone

Collect donations

Collect donations

Anyone with a debit card can contribute to the church fund

Spend from the pool

Spend from the pool

Fund church events, repairs, service projects, mission trips, and more directly from the pool

A dedicated place to pool money for places of worship

A central pool for donations

Use it for recurring tithes and offerings, church fundraisers, building repairs, mission trips, service projects, church classes, events, and more! 

Easy for parishioners, members, and friends of the church to contribute

Through the pool page link, tapping and paying makes tithing and donating seamless 

Invite Members

Invite whoever helps to manage the finances of your church as pool members to transparently manage together contributions together

Get notified when people contribute 

Instant alerts show when someone donates money to the church pool

Braid is free to use

Keep all of the tithes and donations you collect

Frequently Asked Questions

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