You share ideas, plans, Spotify playlists, and yes, the occasional French fry. So it feels natural to share a group debit card. 

But most banks discourage you from sharing personal debit cards because there are inherent risks. But that doesn’t change the fact that you need to share money. 

So you’re forced to choose between two less-than-ideal options: 

  1. Do what you’re not supposed to and share your debit card, or
  2. Shell out the money and hope people reimburse you

Does anyone have a better solution?

Braid does. Braid Money Pools are shared wallets where you can collect and manage money with family, friends, or any group. And now, with Braid’s group debit card, you can spend money together, too. 

Braid takes “my money” and “your money” and turns them into “our money.”

The best part? You don’t have to worry about violating debit card agreements or putting anyone in a financially tricky position. 

Read all about the Braid card and get answers to your important questions, like: 

  • What are Braid Money Pools?
  • How does Braid’s group debit card make it easy to spend money with other people?
  • Can multiple people use a debit card?
  • Can I authorize someone to use my debit card?
  • Why is it safe to use Braid’s group debit card?
  • Can I share my debit card with someone else? Can I let my friend use my debit card?

Set up a Braid Money Pool for your group and use the pool's debit card to spend funds with friends, family, or coworkers.

What are Braid Money Pools?

Braid Money Pools are where you can easily collect, manage, and spend money for a shared purpose. 

They’re not joint bank accounts or peer-to-peer money transferring apps, like PayPal, Venmo, and Zelle. Those tools are useful for individual finances when you’re only dealing with “my money” or “your money.” But they don’t support “our money” scenarios. 

With Braid, sharing is the whole point. 

From the very beginning, Braid was designed for multiple users who want to collaborate financially - whether that’s for a one-off wedding gift, ongoing rent payments, or side projects.

How does Braid’s group debit card make it easy to spend money with other people?

With Braid, sharing money is the main idea. And now, you can share the Braid Pool debit card without the risks and worries that usually come with one. Check it out.

Easily collect money in your pool

Once people download Braid and join your pool, they can easily contribute funds with their debit cards or via bank transfer.

If people opt out of getting the app, they won’t be able to spend from the pool but they can still put money in the pool. Just send them the Pool Link. With a few quick steps, they can contribute to the pool with their debit or credit cards too. 

The best part? There are no fees for debit card contributions. 

Spend funds directly from your pool

You don't need to transfer pool funds to your account to spend them. You can spend directly from the pool with your Braid card. 

As long as people have spending permissions in your pool, they can make purchases by using the virtual card number or by ordering a physical card for themselves.

Your debit card is always free

You never have to pay fees on the Braid card so your pool gets to keep a 100% of everyone’s contributions. 

When it comes time to spend money on the group’s behalf, use your card everywhere Mastercard is accepted and never worry about factoring in any fees. 

Your Braid Pool is free, too

Your Braid Pool is free to set up and free to use. So, instead of looking at Braid as another tool that costs you money, it’s a tool that helps you get the most out of your pooled money.  

Click here to set up your Braid Money Pool for all your shared expenses

Easily add or remove members

People come and go. So, you might need to add or remove individuals from your pool and adjust spending permissions. 

Don’t worry. With Braid, it’s easy to always share your group debit card with exactly the right people. 

Whether you use your shared wallet for membership dues, rent payments, or babysitter money, you can update pool members and adjust spending permissions and limits in a couple of clicks. You never have to lose time waiting at the bank or on the phone. 

Remove stress around tracking and collecting money

When it comes to shared expenses, one person usually has to front the money and track down payments. This is stressful for everyone.  

With your Braid Pool, everyone pays upfront. This prevents anyone from absorbing more costs than they should; everyone pays their fair share. 

Use your Braid Pool for what you need

Shared expenses might be part of your life, but they don’t have to be a hassle. Here are just a handful of ways Braid simplifies the money you collect and spend with others:

  • Living with housemates? Your pool smoothes out rent, utility, and grocery payments
  • Sharing a co-working space? Your pool is a neutral space for membership fees, dues, and money for snacks and beverages
  • Sharing a collaborative space? Use your pool's debit card to cover expenses at learning pods, art studios, dance studios, and more
  • Throwing an event or party? Collaborate and split expenses with everyone on the planning committee 
  • Going in on a group gift? Use your Braid Pool for retirement gifts, birthday gifts, graduation gifts, wedding gifts, shower gifts, etc.
  • Taking care of an elderly relative? The Braid debit card is there for every caretaker to use when they need to pick up prescriptions, groceries, personal toiletries, and more

Can multiple people use a debit card?

Yes! When you start your free Braid Money Pool, you can invite as many people as you want to join it. Once they download the app and accept your invitation, they can spend pool funds with the pool's debit card. You just need to give them spending permissions. 

Can I authorize someone to use my debit card?

Any member in the pool with spending permissions can spend with the debit card. Start by sending members of your group a pool invitation. Once they download Braid and join the pool, you can give them spending permissions that allow them to use the group debit card with you. 

The best part about the Braid debit cards is that each pool member has their own card numbers.

There’s no need to call your bank or fill out authorization forms. Do everything from the app by tapping the Settings icon and then selecting “Manage Members & Permissions.”

From there, set spending permissions and limits so specific people can make payments and purchases from your shared wallet. Easy.

Simplify your shared expense with Braid’s group debit card today

Why is it safe to use Braid’s group debit card?

Banks discourage you from sharing your debit card and personal identification number (PIN) because they cannot provide legal protection or reimburse you if something goes awry. 

Instead, banks encourage you to add authorized users to your debit card. But this is a hassle and you’re still responsible for every transaction someone else makes. 

Wouldn’t you rather not have to worry about your financial security at all?

Here’s how Braid lets you share money without the problems that usually go with group debit cards. 

Share money without sharing your bank account

With Braid Money Pools, share funds with other people and keep your bank account and personal debit card private. 

The only money you share is the money you put into the pool. This keeps all your funds safe and sound. 

Everyone shares money in a transparent place

When you pool together, everyone pitches in and gets to see the balance and transaction history right in the Braid app.

Your shared wallet is a neutral, transparent place where every pool member can view, track, and spend money together. Think of it as a collaborative team tool that keeps everyone on the same page. 

Braid keeps group money and personal money separate

When people share money, one person usually has to juggle everyone’s payments in a personal account. 

It’s confusing to manage and it’s also stressful if you accidentally spend group money on your own expenses. 

Braid keeps this from happening. Your shared wallet allows everyone to keep their banking private and their pooled funds collective. 

Can I share my debit card with someone else? Can I let my friend use my debit card?

With Braid, you can always share pool money with your group debit card. 

As long as your friends or family download the Braid app and accept your pool invitation, they can use the Braid card with you. 

You just need to give them spending permission from within the app. You can do this by selecting the Settings icon and then “Manage Members & Permissions.”

Everyone needs to share money from time to time. Now, Braid’s group debit card makes it easier and safer to do that. 

Simplify shared expenses for you and everyone in your group with Braid. You’ll be glad you did!

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