You are ecstatic. You decided to start dating more. No more boring nights at home. No more sitting on the couch. 

You feel triumphant and unstoppable. But after one date, all you want to do is return to those well-worn cushions. 

What went wrong? Was your date a no-show? Was there zero chemistry? 

No. It was through-the-roof expensive. And now, your bank account is about as low as your morale. 

Chin up and try a date night fund. 

A date night fund is a fantastic way to prepare financially for every romantic outing, so your dates always feel fun and affordable. 

Learn how to set one up here. Whether you want to keep the romance alive in a long-term relationship or find someone new, a date night fund might be exactly what your love life needs. 



  • Why you need a date night fund
  • How much do date nights cost?
  • How much should I budget for date night? 
  • How to start a date night fund with Braid 
  • How can I put money into my date night fund? 
  • How do I save for a date night when money is tight?
  • Low-budget dating ideas while you build up your date fund 
  • 9 low-budget dating ideas while you build your date fund
  • How do I get a date night without spending money?

Why you need a date night fund 

Spending quality time with your partner (or dating to find one) is essential. But the cost of dating adds stress to what ought to be a romantic rendezvous. 

Keep financial stress to a minimum with a date night fund. Anyone can start one. It’s simple:

  • Put dating money in a dedicated place.
  • Build your fund alone, with your partner or favorite double-date couples.
  • Add money regularly, so you never press pause on your love life.
  • Know your budget before going out.
  • Spend date money rather than rent money, grocery money, etc.
  • Impress your crush with your financial prowess. 

Keep reading to see how you can start a date night fund below. 

How much do date nights cost?

The Beatles might have been right when they said, “Money can’t buy me love.” But ask anyone, and they’ll tell you that money helps when you want to find it.

However, the average cost of dating might be unsustainable for even the most hopeless romantic. Data indicates that individuals drop roughly $100 per date night, and that might not be feasible for everyone. 

But that doesn't mean you have to stop dating. Take the pragmatic approach below, and feel prepared and confident about dating money. 

How much should I budget for date night?

Money can be a challenging topic, and that’s the last thing you want in your love life. Fortunately, avoiding financial stress is easier than you think. Start with these enlightening questions to analyze your situation objectively:

  • How much money can you realistically put into the date night fund each week or month?
  • How often can you date each month?
  • How much money can you spend on each date?

Money might be a tricky topic. But it’s worth figuring out what you can save and spend for date nights. Once you get the “stressful” stuff out of the way, you can enjoy yourself fully.

How to start a date night fund with Braid

Finding an excellent place for your date night fund can feel like dating.

Your bank account? Please don’t. Your date money mixes with other spending money, which gets messy and stressful. 

Braid Money Pools? Now that’s a great catch and something you can build a long-term relationship with. 

Here’s why a Braid Pool is a fun and innovative way to save, manage, and spend your date night fund. 

  • You can use Braid alone or with your partner. 
  • You can easily add money to your date night fund and watch the balance grow. Never worry about which money is for dates and which is for groceries, gas, rent, etc. Your date money has a special place in Braid.
  • Always have money for dates with Recurring Add $. Set the amount to contribute and a weekly or monthly contribution schedule, and automatically grow your date night fund. Use Recurring Add $ alone or with your partner or double date couple friends. 
  • Transfer pool funds to your bank account for free. Standard transfers take 3-5 business days. Need it faster? Instant Send moves funds to your bank account in minutes for a small convenience fee.
  • Braid debit cards are coming soon. Use your Braid card to spend date night funds directly. No transaction fees, monthly fees, or overdraft fees. 
  • Your Braid Pool is free. Spend 100% of your date night fund on all things romantic. 

Ready to set up your date night fund? Click here to start.

How can I put money into my date night fund?

Adding money to your Braid Pool is simple. As the pool creator, you can add money via free bank transfers and set up Recurring Add $ to ensure your date night pool is always funded. Invite your partner to join the pool, and they can do the same. 

Otherwise, use Pool Links to collect date night money if your partner or double date friends don’t want to download the app or create a Braid account.

Here’s what you need to know about Pool Links:

  • They are unique links that come with every pool. 
  • You can customize them, so they’re clear and concise. 
  • Share your Pool Link via text, email, social media, and more. 
  • Anyone with your link can contribute via debit or credit card.

How do I save for a date night when money is tight?

In the words of Elvis Presley, “A little less conversation, a little more action, please.” It’s time to add money to your date night fund. 

Effortlessly add money with Recurring Add $, or contribute to your pool whenever you can. If you’re unsure where to find “extra” money, you can probably grow your date night fund without significant lifestyle changes. Simply try a couple of clever adjustments, like:

  • Pack lunch and save lunch money for dates instead.
  • Make coffee at home and save Starbucks for Fridays.
  • Review streaming services or subscriptions. Cancel or change services as needed.
  • Make more home-cooked meals and save dining out for special occasions.
  • Do a home or closet clear out, and sell items you no longer need or want. 

9 low-budget dating ideas while you build your date fund

Dates should be as diverse as the people on them. So, if your current budget doesn’t cover typical “dinner and drinks,” there’s no reason to stop dating. 

Instead, redefine it. These nine low-budget dating ideas break from (expensive) stereotypes without breaking the bank. 

  1. Take advantage of discounts offered to locals.
  2. Use coupons, gift cards, Groupons, etc.
  3. Take advantage of free events or local activities.
  4. Go on daytime “date nights,” like drinks and appetizers rather than dinner. See a matinee rather than an evening show.
  5. Visit a museum, arboretum, botanical garden, or planetarium, followed by lunch.
  6. Catch the sunrise or sunset.
  7. Start at a local coffee shop and walk through a flea market, park, etc.
  8. Take advantage of Happy Hours.
  9. Have fun at a trampoline park.

How do I get a date night without spending money?

If you want to date but don’t have funds for the usual outings, there’s a good chance you’re not the only one feeling the pinch. Here are 11 ways to have fun with your crush without spending any money.

  1. Take a hike.
  2. Go to a free night at a museum. 
  3. Volunteer together.
  4. Enjoy a movie night at home, complete with homemade dinner and candles.
  5. Bring your laptop to the park and have a movie night under the stars.
  6. Build a sandcastle at the beach.
  7. Go sledding or ice skating. 
  8. Go on a scavenger hunt at a local bookstore, flea market, museum, or farmer’s market.
  9. Create a relationship time capsule. 
  10. Be tourists in your city or town.
  11. Visit your local bookstore to find something new to read. Then, head to the library to borrow the winning titles.

Start a date night fund for double dates

You love your partner, but after spending so much time together, you need double dates to keep the spark alive. 

The only problem with double dates is that sometimes, you have to foot the bill and wait for reimbursements. What a buzzkill, right?

Why not prevent awkward situations by starting a date night fund and sharing your Pool Link before date nights?

Once you have everyone’s contributions, you’ll know your budget and can cover date night costs without picking up the tab or hounding people to pay up. 

Can I use date night funds for first dates?

Lots of people use date night funds with their partners or friends. But what if you’re looking for that special someone? Can you still benefit from a date night fund? Absolutely.

Putting yourself out there on first dates can be nerve wracking, but with your date night fund, you never feel jittery about the finances.

Plus, you’ll like using a Braid Pool better than your bank account because it prevents overspending: you know your budget and can stick to it easily.

Whether you want to start dating or bring it back into your current relationship, make a date night fund with Braid Money Pools. It’s a smooth move and an easy way to bring financial confidence with you on every date. 

Set up your date night fund with Braid

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