The older you get, the faster time flies. But no matter how quickly time whizzes by, you still remember high school like it was yesterday.

Back then, you never thought you’d feel nostalgic about high school. But now, you’d give anything to catch up with former classmates, bump into your crush, and dance to old hits.

At a class reunion, you can. That’s why you and your committee are excited to plan one. But with so much to organize, you’re starting to feel the pressure.

Don’t worry; you’re in the right place. This is where you will learn how to: 

  • Form a committee
  • Choose a reunion that best fits your class
  • Easily collect and spend reunion money with Braid, and
  • Plan your reunion 

Let’s begin!

How do you plan a class reunion? A 6-step checklist

You have a lot on your plate, and adding “class reunion” to your to-do list could overwhelm you. Prevent headaches with this comprehensive 6-step checklist:

1. Form a committee 

Rather than do it all alone, form a committee to help with everything from brainstorming to budgeting to buying decor. Use these questions to pick ideal committee members: 

  • Who sees the big picture and keeps everyone on task? This person would make an excellent committee chair.
  • Who’s detail-oriented and enjoys tracking expenses and scoring bargains? Say hello to your treasurer.
  • Who’s natural at networking? Your promoter can tackle fundraising and advertising for you.
  • Who can implement a plan and make things happen? That’s your producer.

Once your committee is formed, you must define class reunion details. This leads to the second step.

2. Choose the reunion type to know how much does a reunion cost 

There are official and unofficial class reunions. What’s the difference? 

Official reunions usually feature a hotel ballroom or similar venue, a dress code, catering, DJs, photographers, and various activities. Tickets can cost $120 and beyond.

On the other hand, unofficial reunions are more laid back. Usually, they are organized informally on social media platforms like Facebook. The venue is more straightforward, too, like a local bar or nearby park gazebo.

Together with your committee, choose a reunion that best fits your class.

3. Start free Braid Pools

With reunion plans underway, you probably ask yourself, How do you manage money for a class reunion?

For example, how are you supposed to let other committee members help with reunion finances? What’s the best way to collect registration fees or donations online? How do you spend reunion money transparently and stay within budget?

Keep reading to see how you and your committee members can make the most of your Braid Pools and manage money better. 

Set up multiple pools

One pool may be enough for your class reunion plans. But if it’s easier to keep registration fees in one pool and the catering deposit money in another, you can do that.

In fact, you can start as many pools as necessary. Each pool keeps reunion money separate from your bank account and easier to track. 

If you have funds remaining after the reunion, keep your pools open and save your balance in this dedicated spot for your next reunion. 

Manage pool money with committee members

Would you like to open the pool to fellow committee members? Send an invitation so they can join and manage pool money with you. As pool admin, you can assign permissions like:

  • Transferring money out of the pool
  • Spending with the Braid Debit Card (more on this below!)
  • Viewing transactions
  • Inviting others to the pool
  • Daily spending limits 

Now that you know how to share and manage Braid Pools, keep reading to see how easy it is to collect and spend reunion money.

Ready to set up your class reunion money pool? Click here to learn how.

The simplest way to collect money for class reunions is with your pool’s unique link, your Pool Link. 

The best part about Pool Links is that you can share them anywhere. And as long as people have your Pool Link, they can contribute with a debit or credit card. No Braid account needed!

After you set up your pool, you can customize a clear and concise Pool Link, so recipients know what they’re contributing to. 

For example, your Pool Link can say braid.cop/East-Aurora-87-Reunion or 

Pool Links make it easy to collect:

  • Registration fees
  • Financial support from your school
  • Donations from classmates
  • Fundraising
  • Ad sales, and more!

Here’s a closer look at each and creative ways to encourage contributions with Pool Links. 

Registration fees

Where does class reunion money come from? The most popular source of income is registration fees. But how much should they be?

Too-high prices deter sales and result in low attendance, especially for people coming in from out of town. But too-low prices may provide a poor experience. 

A good rule of thumb is this: 

Tickets between $60 and $120 usually garner the most purchases. You could also offer a 25% early bird discount to boost registration and collect funds sooner.

Financial support from your school

Your alma mater may maintain a small fund for class reunions. In exchange, invite alum to give a monetary gift to the school once the reunion is over.


Are you trying to figure out how to raise money for a high school reunion? Do you need to secure the venue with a hefty deposit? Consider reaching out to financially affluent classmates for donations. Thank them with an appreciation banner or make them the guest of honor at the reunion. 


Fundraising is a fun way to raise money for class reunions. Whether you run a baked goods sale, sell custom T-shirts, or host an online raffle, fundraising is a win-win for everyone. Participants get to take home something special, and you get the financial support you need. 

Ad sales

Ad money is a great way to get financial backing for your reunion and support small, local businesses. Don’t forget to ask your venue, photographer, DJ, or caterer if they’d like to advertise. 

Sponsors are often happy to pay $100 in exchange for advertising space in the reunion booklet or website or to provide a coupon in swag bags.

No matter how you choose to collect money for your class reunion, consider these five creative ways to collect contributions with your Pool Link:

  • Include your Pool Link on a Facebook page or website to give attendees a seamless and secure way to pay registration fees.
  • Email your Pool Link to school administrators or sponsors so they can contribute directly to the pool.
  • Offer to text donors your Pool Link so they can contribute conveniently and discreetly. 
  • At fundraisers, collect cash-free, contactless donations with Pool Links. Share Pool Links on social media, in email campaigns, on landing pages, or as a QR code. 
  • Create a QR code for your Pool Link. Start by creating a Pool Link. Then, tap “Collect $” and “Show QR Code.” Ask contributors to scan the code with their phone camera to contribute. 

Remember, contributors don't need a Braid account to pay into the pool, and they only need your Pool Link and a debit or credit card.

How do I set up a PayPal account for a class reunion? 

People have been using PayPal for over 20 years. So, it might feel like a good fit for reunion money. But it might feel tedious, too. 

Here are two reasons why Braid, though new, is a far more flexible place to collect, manage, and spend class reunion money alone or with committee members. 

Start a Braid Pool for your class reunion today. Click here to begin.

5. How do class reunions get paid for? Spend pool funds with your Braid debit card

Every pool has a free digital Braid debit card to spend funds directly. Use your Braid card to reserve venues, pay the caterer, book the DJ, order decor, etc. You can also order a physical card for in-person spending, too. 

Since your Braid card has zero transaction or overdraft fees, spend 100% of what you collect for class reunion expenses.

If you need to transfer pool funds to a bank account, you can transfer funds for free within 3 to 5 business days. Alternatively, you can send funds in minutes with Instant Send for a small 1.75% convenience fee. 

6. Plan your class reunion 

How do you budget for a reunion cost? Now that you know how to collect, manage, and spend pool funds, let’s ensure you easily stay within budget with some final tips and pointers.  

The overall cost of your reunion depends on three main factors:

  • Number of attendees 
  • Venue, and 
  • Activities

As a committee, you must balance offering an attractive, high-value event with accessible prices. Consider these final tips to ensure your reunion has a great turnout. 

Find classmates and secure reservations ASAP

You can’t have a reunion without your classmates! And social media platforms are the primary places to find them these days. Additionally, your school may have an alum database to assist your search.

Knowing your headcount helps you book everything in advance and decide if you need to fundraise or request donations. 

Book a local venue 

Do you want a great turnout? Book a venue in the same city or town as your school. This caters to local attendees and people traveling from out of town.

Schedule the reunion 

Whether you’re planning your first or fourth class reunion, here are the two most popular times of the year to corral everyone: 

  • September and October: Homecoming and football games attract former classmates to their alma mater.
  • November and December: More people may be in town for the holidays than other times.

Remember to give everyone at least six months’ notice to make travel arrangements.

Choose class reunion activities 

Give your attendees an enjoyable time with a well-planned event. Consider these class reunion activities to create a fun atmosphere. 

  • Cocktail hour
  • Icebreaker games, like Name Tag Hunt
  • Jog-That-Memory game
  • Team jeopardy
  • Match-That-Melody game
  • Dance parties with hits from the graduation year
  • Speeches 
  • Memorials for classmates who have passed

Once you figure out these factors, you’ll better understand reunion expenses. From there, set budgets for each spending category. Remember, you can create multiple pools to simplify class reunion finances and stay within budget. 

Your class reunion is a fantastic opportunity to see familiar faces and reminisce about old times. Have an equally great time streamlining your class reunion finances with Braid. They’re the most accessible place to collect, manage, and spend reunion money alone or with others. 

Plan your class reunion with Braid Pools. Start your free pool here.