When families come to the U.S., they bring their traditions and culture. The Latin American community has downright spoiled us with theirs:

A romantic language, dramatic dance forms, and irresistible meals immediately come to mind. But have you ever heard of a quinceañera? 

It’s a coming-of-age birthday celebration when a girl turns 15, marking the end of childhood and the beginning of adulthood. It has cultural roots in Mexico and Spain. And today, it’s celebrated throughout Latin America.

Each quinceañera shares many standard features, and we’ll explore them here, including the quinceañera money box. 

If you’re throwing a quinceañera this year, you want to preserve some traditions and update others, like the money box. Keep reading to see how you can blend the old and new perfectly with Braid Money Pools.


  • A brief introduction to the quinceañera
  • What is a quinceañera money box?
  • 3 festive quinceañera money box ideas
  • How to set up a quinceañera money box with Braid 
  • What is an appropriate monetary gift for a quinceañera?
  • How to give a quinceañera gift card online

A brief introduction to the quinceañera

Quinceañera is from the Spanish “fifteen” or “quince” and “years” or “años.” Quinceañera refers both to the birthday celebration and the birthday girl.

Many quinceañeras begin with a Catholic Mass, giving thanks for the young woman’s life. The birthday girl typically dons a formal gown and carries a matching bouquet. Traditionally, she wears a white or light pink dress. But nowadays, she can choose any color. She also picks her court, which is a special group made up of female friends (“Damas”), male friends (“Chambelanes”), or a mix of both. 

The Mass is followed by the party, where many traditions continue. 

For example, the quinceañera gifts a doll to a younger relative or friend, symbolizing her departure from childhood. The young woman also dances for the attendees with one of her Chambelanes. There are also 15 piñatas, representing each year of the quinceañera’s life. And, of course, there’s a money box. 

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What is the quinceañera money box?

The quinceañera money box is where family and friends leave a monetary gift to support the birthday girl’s future endeavors, like higher education, buying a car, purchasing her first laptop, etc.

Some quinceañeras start an online registry because it gives guests a more personal opportunity to support the birthday girl. 

But your money box can feel personal, too. Whether you set up a physical or online money box, share the quinceañera’s saving goals and how she plans to spend her monetary gifts. 

3 festive quinceañera money box ideas

While quinceañera parties are traditional, no two events are alike. Each one honors a unique individual. So, the decor, playlist, and menu take inspiration from the birthday girl. 

The same goes for the money box. Which one of these fun quinceañera money box ideas best fits your birthday party? 

1. Online money box with Braid

Your quinceañera probably has Instagram and TikTok. So, she’d probably like to use the Braid app for her online money box. What is Braid?

Braid Money Pools are a fun new way to collect, manage, and spend monetary gifts for quinceañera money boxes. And when it comes to collecting cash gifts online, nothing could be easier. 

With one simple Pool Link, everyone can contribute to the Braid Pool with a debit or credit card. It’s easy for your guests, and it’s easy for you. We’ll show you how to set one up below.

Some may still prefer to give cash envelopes at the quinceañera. So, accommodate your guests with options like the festive money box ideas below.

2. Money tree

If arts and crafts make your heart sing, you might want to set up a money tree at your quinceañera. It’s a fun way to collect cash gifts and playfully shows that money grows on trees. 

The simplest way to create a money tree is by illustrating a tree across several poster boards. Ask guests to tape or tack their cash envelopes to the tree and watch the bare branches fill with generous offerings. 

3. Decorate a money box

Showcase your artistic talents by decorating a money box. Start with something humble, like a shoe box, to create a one-of-a-kind depository using decorative papers, photographs, drawings, figurines, etc.  

While fun and festive, physical money boxes or money trees have drawbacks. For example, it’s easy to misplace cash or lose track of gift-givers. Fortunately, you can avoid both problems with Braid. 

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How to set up a quinceañera money box with Braid 

Whether internet savvy, you can set up a Braid Pool in 10 minutes or less and check “quinceañera money box” off your list. Here are three things you’ll love about it.

1. Braid Pools are free 

You can add and spend money for free. You can also send funds to a bank account without paying any fees. 

Braid only charges a 3% + $0.30 fee for contributions made with a credit card and a 1.75% fee when you transfer funds to a bank account using Instant Send.

Your guests will enjoy how easy it is to add money to the Braid Pool with the Pool Link you share with them. 

After setting up the pool, customize a clear and concise Pool Link so friends and family know what they’re contributing to. 

For example, your Pool Link can say braid.co/p/Rosalind-Quinceanera or braid.co/p/Maria's-Turning-15

You can text or email your Pool Link or share it on a website or social media page. Another fun way to collect cash-free gifts is to generate a QR code for your quinceañera money box. Start by creating a Pool Link. Then, tap “Collect $” and “Show QR Code.” Then, ask guests to scan the code with their phone camera to contribute. 

With your Pool Link, anyone can add money to the money box with a debit or credit card. They don’t need to sign up for anything or create a Braid account. 

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3. Braid Pools are flexible   

Collecting money is easy with Braid. But what about after the quinceañera? Do you need to hurry up, spend money, and shut the pool down? Not at all. 

Keep your pool open as long as you want. The quinceañera can spend or invest money box funds without feeling rushed or pressured. 

Braid never takes a percentage of pool funds. So, whether the birthday girl spends her financial gifts right away or waits several months, her monetary gifts always retain value. 

Spending and sending pool funds is easy, too. Every pool has a digital Braid debit card to spend pool funds directly. There are no transaction fees, making it a convenient option for online spending. You can also order a physical card, too. 

There are two options to transfer pool funds to a bank account. The first includes the standard transfer that delivers funds to your bank account in 3 to 5 business days. The second option is Instant Send. For a small convenience fee, you can send funds in minutes.

Braid is also a fantastic option to surprise the birthday girl with a quinceañera gift card. Click here to check it out. 

How to give a Quinceañera gift card online

Gift cards seem like an intelligent gifting solution until you realize their drawbacks. For example, gift cards are restricted to a specific retailer or work like a debit card to spend wherever Visa or Mastercard is accepted. 

However, if you lose the gift card, you may lose the entire gift. If you lose the pin, it can be impossible to check the balance. Finally, you may be limited on where you can use the gift card. 

You can easily avoid these drawbacks with Braid.

Start a Braid Pool and add money to it. Then, transfer the funds to her bank account so she can spend her birthday money wherever and whenever she wants. If she doesn’t have her own bank account yet, you can transfer to a parent or caregiver’s account, too. 

What is an appropriate monetary gift for a quinceañera?

You want to show your love and support. But what is a typical monetary gift for a quinceañera? The gift amount depends on your relationship with the hosting family and what you can give. In some cases, the average amount is $50 or more. 

A quinceañera is a wonderful way to celebrate the young women in your family. Give guests a quick and effortless way to give their monetary gifts with a Braid Pool and say Feliz Cumpleaños to the birthday girl!

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