Weekend getaways are good for you. Whether you want to escape stress, feel more creative, or refresh your mental health, a quick trip can do the trick. 

But you need the right tool to save and budget for it. Otherwise, you end up experiencing the very stress you want to avoid and a scary credit card bill when you get back. 

Whether you’re taking a spontaneous trip soon or planning something later this year, you need a dedicated place to save your money and an easy way to stay within budget while you’re gone.

You can do both with Braid Money Pools.

Keep reading to see why Braid is exactly what you need for your next weekend getaway - whether you’re traveling solo or with company. 


  • How to plan a weekend trip on a budget
  • How to use Braid to manage weekend getaway money 
  • What are Braid Money Pools? 
  • 2 ways to simplify weekend getaway money with Braid 
  • How can I save money on a weekend trip?
  • How to set up a weekend getaway fund with Braid 
  • 3 reasons why weekend getaways are good for mental health

How to plan a weekend trip on a budget

Taking a weekend break doesn’t have to break the bank. You can plan an affordable trip with these tips. 

1. Research 

Some people thrive on spontaneity. But even if you like to play it by ear, do some preliminary research before you embark. 

With a little investigation and planning, you can avoid financial trouble and additional stress. Here’s what to do. 

2. Create a budget

It’s easy to skip this part. Do you really need to save and budget for a weekend getaway?


Budgets protect overall finances so you always have enough for essential expenses at home. And while they might narrow down your options, they ultimately stave off decision fatigue. 

Finally, when you have a limited amount of money to spend, you’re less likely to squander it: every dollar counts.

So, once you figure out your budget, you can stow away your weekend getaway funds in a Braid Money Pool. Keep reading to learn how.

Don’t want to wait? Set up your weekend getaway fund here!

3.  Pick your location

You probably don’t want to spend the majority of your weekend in the car or at the airport. So, to define your ideal location, consider the following questions:

  • How far do you want to drive? How long would you like to stay there? 
  • What do you want to do? Visit historical monuments, relax at a spa, hike, get a massage? What’s the nearest location to provide that?
  • What else interests you at that location?

If you’d rather not travel, but still want to feel like you’re getting away, be a tourist in your own city. This is a clever way to save on gas but splurge on a nice hotel room, special dinners, or VIP treatment - all in your own neck of the woods. 

4. Pick your travel dates 

  • Save money by avoiding traveling on holiday weekends or school holidays. 
  • Consider traveling during the off-season for easier commuting and better prices. A chalet suite at Lake Tahoe is more affordable in August than December and it’s just as beautiful.

5. Pick your accommodations

People usually don’t plan weekend getaways far in advance. But generally speaking, the earlier you book, the better the deals are. 

  • Check out Expedia, Kayak, Airbnb, Vrbo, etc. 
  • Contact the hotel directly. They might be able to offer you a great deal, too.

6. Choose your activities 

Spend your getaway doing things that rejuvenate, refresh, and relax you. If the daily grind has made it hard to remember what those things are, here’s some inspiration:  

  • Rent bikes or kayaks and see the area from a different perspective 
  • Visit zoos, botanical gardens, museums, etc. 
  • Consider self-guided walking tours of the city 
  • Check for special offers on Groupon

7. Get as much local information as possible

Consider these questions before your trip. When you do, you’ll feel more like a local and less like a newcomer and have an easier time staying within budget. 

  • Are there major events or festivals happening that weekend? If so, will you attend or do you want to avoid them? How will these events impact hotel prices, parking availability, and traffic?
  • Are your accommodations close to what you want to do? 
  • How will you get around once you’re there? Will you walk, drive, bike, or take public transport? How much will parking cost?
  • How much will highway tolls and gas cost?
  • Can you take advantage of special offers at museums or other attractions?
  • How often will you dine out and where? Will you cook at your hotel or Airbnb? If so, where do you plan to buy groceries?
  • Do you plan to go on a shopping spree? Where? What’s your shopping budget?

When you get specific about these details, you can plan and budget for an affordable weekend getaway. Keep reading to see how Braid can help. 

Start your free Braid Pool and take it with you on your weekend getaway!

How to use Braid to manage weekend getaway money

A weekend getaway might be short, but there’s a lot to pay for: accommodations, transportation, eating out, activities, and maybe one or two shopping sprees. 

To manage this, you might set aside money in your bank account. But if you’ve ever tried to save money that way, you know how easy it is to accidentally dip into funds that you need for other essentials, like rent, groceries, etc.

Avoid these financial hiccups with Braid Money Pools. 

What are Braid Money Pools?

A Braid Money Pool is a dedicated place where you can save, manage, and spend your weekend getaway money alone or with others. It’s free to set up and easy to add money to your pool. 

Keeping your weekend getaway money in the pool means it never mixes with your other accounts. And when you’re away, you can spend funds directly from the pool with the Braid debit card that comes with it. 

Because Braid Pools are collaborative, your travel companions can manage trip money and split costs with you. 

2 ways to simplify weekend getaway money with Braid

Whether you’re traveling solo or with others, here’s how you can use Braid to simplify your trip money.

1. Pool money for each of the expenses in your budget

As you plan out your weekend trip, you’ll have to save for different expenses like accommodations, transportation, eating out, etc. 

One way to save successfully (and never accidentally spend your weekend budget) is to start a Money Pool for each category.

You and your travel companions can add money to these pools over time and watch the balance grow. Then, on the trip, you can spend directly from these pools with the Braid debit card.

2. Split the costs with other people

Braid Pools are the simplest way to keep travel companions on the same (financial) page.

For example, if you’re all splitting the cost of Airbnb, car rental, or gas, everyone can pitch into the pool(s). That way, no one has to pay for everything and get reimbursed later. 

Or, if you run out of gas money, everyone can add money into the pool, and voila - you’re back on track and no one has to spend more than anyone else. 

How can I save money on a weekend trip?

When you’re on a weekend getaway, it’s easy to overspend because YOLO takes over. 

But when you use Braid Pools, they anchor you and help you stick to your budget - even when you’re bombarded with great deals and limited-time offers. 

With Braid, you can spend what’s in your pool and only what’s in your pool. That keeps your other money safe; you won’t spend it on your trip. 

And when you come back from your weekend getaway, there won’t be any credit card statements or sinking checking accounts to surprise you. 

Planning a weekend getaway? Save money and stay in budget with a free Braid Money Pool

How to set up a weekend getaway fund with Braid 

Your favorite outfits go in your weekender tote bag and your weekend money goes in your Braid Pool. It’s that simple, and here’s how to set yours up. 

1. Start a Money Pool

After downloading Braid, you can start your pools in just a few minutes. As pool admin, you can add money via bank transfer or debit card without paying any fees. 

Once you have your Braid account and Money Pool, personalize it by naming your pool, adding a photo, choosing a color theme, and customizing your Pool Link. 

The Pool Link is important. It’s what you share with other people so they can pitch into the weekend getaway fund. Not only can you customize the Pool Link, but you can also add a brief description so people know what they’re contributing to. Step 3 explains how to share your Pool Link, so keep reading!

2. Invite people to join the pool

If other people join you on your weekend getaway, they can join your pool, too. 

Send them a special invitation link from your Braid account. Once they download Braid and create an account, they can join your pool. 

As pool members, they can view pool transactions, invite other people to the pool, spend pool money with the Braid debit card, and more. 

You can ask family and friends to contribute to your weekend getaway fund as a birthday or holiday gift. 

Just send them your Pool Link via text messages, group chats, social media, emails, QR codes, etc. 

With this link, anyone can contribute to your weekend getaway with a debit card for free. Or, they can contribute by credit card for a 3% fee. 

4. Collect money 

Braid is an excellent place for your getaway money. Contributions stay in the pool and never mix with your checking or savings accounts. 

And because you always know your exact balance, it’s easier to stay within budget.

You also never have to worry about maintenance fees or monthly fees. Your pool is free. (Only contributors who add money via credit cards are charged a 3% fee by Braid.) 

5. Pay for weekend expenses directly from the Pool

Whether you’re paying for an Airbnb, dinner and drinks, museum passes, or bike rentals, you can pay for everything directly from the Braid Pool with the debit card that comes with it.

Other pool members can spend with the Braid card, too. Simply assign them spending permissions from the Settings menu in the app. 

Start your free Braid Money Pool today and have a place for your weekend getaway funds. 

3 reasons why weekend getaways are good for mental health 

Still on the fence about taking a weekend getaway? While they’re a brief escape, research shows they can positively change how you think and feel. Take a look.

1. Reduce stress

According to a report from the International Labour Organization, Americans put in the longest hours on the job compared to other industrialized nations. But all this work is the biggest source of stress for U.S. adults. 

Stepping away from a demanding work environment, however, and taking a short-stay vacation can reduce stress levels. 

2. Increase your creativity and productivity 

Researcher Adam Galinsky has authored multiple studies that explore the connection between creativity and international travel. 

His work shows that visiting new places and immersing yourself in local environments increases both cognitive flexibility and creativity. 

Another persuasive piece of research from the Boston Consulting Group shows that getting out of dodge can help you get out of a rut. Their study shows that taking time off makes you significantly more productive when you return to work.

3. Feel happier

A study published in Nature found that when people see change and variety in their day-to-day life, they feel happier. What better way to shake things up than to head out of town for the weekend?

Further research shows that women who take at least two vacations a year are less likely to feel depression compared to women who don’t. 

Are you ready to feel happier, more creative, and less stressed? Plan your next weekend getaway with Braid. 

Whether you fancy a staycation in your hometown or a 2-day escape, unplug and unwind, knowing that your weekend money is safe and organized in your dedicated money pools. 

Plan your next weekend getaway with Braid Pools~

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