You can’t wait to marry your best friend. But you’re also excited for the honeymoon and a chance to sneak off and spend time together after the big day. 

But there’s a slight problem. Honeymoons - like weddings - come with a high price tag. And if you’re paying for your wedding, you might not have much money left for your honeymoon. 

Is it time to drain your savings account? Or delay your post-nuptial getaway? No way. 

Set up a honeymoon fund instead. 

That’s what other couples are doing and it’s making their honeymoon dreams come true. Get ready to turn your honeymoon wish list into a pinch-me reality, too. 

Keep reading to learn:

  • What is a honeymoon fund?
  • How does a honeymoon fund work?
  • Is it rude to have a honeymoon fund?
  • How 5 honeymoon fund websites compare
  • How to set up a honeymoon fund on Braid 
  • How to get your honeymoon fund wording just right so you secure lots of contributions for your special getaway

What is a honeymoon fund?

A honeymoon fund is like a traditional wedding registry. But instead of asking for physical gifts or home goods, couples ask for monetary contributions toward their honeymoon. 

Can you have both a honeymoon fund and a registry? Absolutely. Many guests like having the choice to purchase a gift from a traditional registry or to contribute to a honeymoon fund. 

How does a honeymoon fund work?

A honeymoon fund is a dedicated place to collect contributions for your honeymoon plans. 

Whether that includes airfare, accommodation, spa packages, excursions, sightseeing, or romantic dinners, wedding guests can help you experience all this and more with cash honeymoon gifts. 

Honeymoon funds are popular among couples because:

  • They allow you to have a special honeymoon even if you pay for the wedding
  • They allow you to make memories rather than accumulate things

Find out how to set up your honeymoon fund with Braid here.

Is it rude to have a honeymoon fund?

Even though there are many good reasons to ask for money instead of gifts, is it rude to have a honeymoon fund? 

It all depends on how you go about it. And as long as you stick to these tried-and-true suggestions, you’ll have a successful honeymoon fund without offending your guests. 

1. Avoid asking for cash on invitations and save-the-dates

If you ask for money on wedding invitations or save-the-date reminders, it makes guests feel like you’re inviting them for their gifts, not for their presence. 

Wedding guests almost always bring a gift. But asking them for money can be a big turnoff. Here’s what you can do instead. 

2. Share your honeymoon fund with wedding guests

Your guests already expect you to direct them to a gift registry. So, don't be shy bout sharing your honeymoon fund. 

You can share it in wedding invitations and save-the-date reminders. This way, you avoid a big faux pas: directly asking for cash. 

Instead, you communicate that their presence is more important to you than any gift they bring. We’ll show you how to set up your honeymoon fund with Braid below.

3. Describe how contributions help you experience a wonderful honeymoon

Don’t just ask for cash and call it a day. Share how every honeymoon gift will help you create many wonderful memories as newlyweds.

Instead of giving you a gravy boat, guests can contribute to boating around the Caribbean. Instead of shower curtains, you can snorkel with tropical fish. Instead of wine glasses, you’ll explore Napa Valley vineyards.

We’ll show you how to write a stellar description below. Before we do, here are a couple more ways to set up your honeymoon fund without being rude. 

4. Thank everyone for their honeymoon gifts

Keep your honeymoon fund tasteful from start to finish by thanking your guests and giving them a small memento from your trip.

For example, if people pitched in for your alpine adventure, include a photo of the breathtaking views. Share how grateful you are that they helped make that happen. It’s a little touch but it goes a long way in making your guests feel appreciated.

5. Provide a traditional registry

Not all guests feel comfortable giving cash and that’s okay. Set up a traditional registry so they can purchase a gift that they feel good about. 

If you're unsure what to include, consider essential items that you need to replace in the coming year or things you use often. For example:

  • Kitchen spices 
  • Smoke detectors 
  • Water filters
  • Microwave
  • Fresh towels 
  • Shower liners 
  • Bath mats
  • Sheets 
  • Pillows
  • Anything for your favorite pastime (new bike tires, camping or hiking gear, volleyball net, etc.) 

Ready to set up your honeymoon fund with Braid? Click here

How 5 honeymoon fund websites compare

What’s the best place for your honeymoon fund? With so much on your plate already, you probably want something that’s easy to use, simple, and stress-free. Here’s why Braid checks all three boxes and how it compares to other honeymoon fund websites. 

1. Braid

Braid is a new way for couples to collect, manage, and spend honeymoon money for free. Breathe a sigh of relief. This is not another complicated wedding registry site. It’s a fresh mobile app that’s easy for everyone to use. 

You can set up a money pool for your honeymoon fund in a matter of minutes and share it with your wedding guests. When they give money via debit card, it’s completely free. They only pay a 3% fee if they contribute with a credit card.

You can track contributions and spend honeymoon money directly from the pool. You can do all this and more from your phone. Your guests can do everything from their phones, too. 

With Braid:

  • Your honeymoon fund is free to set up and free to use
  • You can spend honeymoon money with your free Braid debit card
  • It’s easy to share your honeymoon fund via text, email, website, social media, or QR code
  • Guests can contribute with their debit card or credit card. (Guests pay a 3% fee when they contribute with credit cards)
  • You can set up as many pools as you’d like for different honeymoon categories, like airfare, accommodations, spa packages, dining, drinks, excursions, etc. 
  • You never have to mix honeymoon funds with your personal account

We’ll show you how to set up your Braid Pool below.

2. Honeyfund

Honeyfund is a platform couples use to create online honeymoon registries where guests can pitch in toward selected experiences, projects, or fundraisers. 

Guests can contribute for free but couples take a hit. If you move cash gifts to your bank account there’s a 3.5% transfer fee. If you want your honeymoon fund in a PayPal account, you pay a 2.59% transfer fee. 

3. The Knot

The Knot gives couples a platform for both cash and traditional registries. However, transfers can take up to three weeks before they arrive in your bank account.

Three weeks is a long time to wait if you need to secure reservations or book a flight. Plus, there’s a 2.5% fee for every transaction.

With Braid, as soon as guests contribute to your Money Pool, you can spend funds directly from the pool using your digital Braid debit card. 

4. Hitchd 

Hitchd sets itself apart as a platform that charges couples a one-time fee rather than using a percentage-based pricing model. 

However, if you choose to use Stripe (Hitchd’s payment partner) there’s a transaction fee that couples or guests have to pay. 

Couples who set up a honeymoon fund with Braid never pay a one-time fee or any transaction fees. Braid only charges a 3% fee to contributors if they use their credit cards.  

5. Zola

For a 2.5% transaction fee, couples can set up an extensive traditional registry and a honeymoon fund on Zola. But with so many things to choose from, guests can feel confused on Zola. 

Couples also contend with Zola’s many up-selling options. This only adds to decision fatigue around wedding - and honeymoon - planning. 

Braid isn’t confusing though. Your guests will never feel bogged down when they use it. And you’ll never be bombarded with up-selling tactics. We don’t have any. We give you the full Braid experience from the get-go. 

How to set up a honeymoon fund on Braid

How do I make a honeymoon fund? It’s easy with Braid. Here’s how to set up your fund and make your honeymoon dreams come true. 

1. Set up your Braid Pool

What is a Braid Pool? A Braid Pool is a dedicated place to collect monetary gifts from your guests. You and your partner can easily manage and spend honeymoon funds together thanks to Braid’s collaborative, lightweight design.

As pool admin, you and your partner can share the Pool Link, view contributions, track balances, and spend with the Braid debit card. 

Braid is 100% mobile-friendly so you can manage every part of your honeymoon fund from your phone. 

2. Set up one or as many pools as you need

You and your partner can decide what kind of honeymoon fund you’d like. 

For example, you can set up one pool for all of your honeymoon expenses. This approach gives your guests one pool to contribute to. 

Or, you can set up separate pools for different honeymoon plans. For example, one pool for airfare contributions, another for accommodations, another for excursions, etc. 

This second option gives guests something fun to choose from. It may also help you keep honeymoon finances straight in the lead up to the big event. 

Now that your Money Pools are set up, make them personal. Start with your Pool Link. 

Your Pool Link is what you share with guests so they can contribute. You can customize it so it clearly reflects your honeymoon fund, like “Luke and Marie’s Honeymoon Fund” or “Kate and Christy’s Airfare.” 

In addition to customizing the Pool Link, include a photo and brief caption so guests feel like they’re contributing to your honeymoon fund and know exactly how their dollars will be spent.

We’ll show you how to get the honeymoon fund wording right below. So keep reading!

After you set up your honeymoon fund and personalize your Pool Link, share it! Your Pool Link can go virtually anywhere: 

  • Save-the-date reminders
  • Wedding invitations
  • Wedding website
  • Text messages
  • Social media
  • QR codes

Make your honeymoon dreams come true with a honeymoon fund here

5. Collect honeymoon gifts from your guests

Your guests will have an easy time contributing to your honeymoon fund. They don’t need to create a Braid account. They just need your Pool Link. 

If they contribute via bank transfer or debit card, they pay zero fees. If they contribute with a credit card, Braid charges them a 3% fee. 

No matter how guests give money to your honeymoon fund, they never have to worry about their privacy or personal data. With best-in-class security and compliance practices, Braid is safe and secure for both you and your guests. 

6. Track contributions and your honeymoon budget

By selecting Braid’s instant notification feature, you get alerted whenever someone contributes. You can also check pool activity from the app at any time to stay abreast of your honeymoon balance.

7. Spend directly from your honeymoon fund 

Most honeymoon registries transfer money to your bank account for a fee. But with Braid it’s different. 

You don’t have to transfer funds to your bank account to spend them. You and your partner can spend honeymoon funds with your digital Braid debit card. (You can also order a physical debit card, too.)

If, for any reason, you decide to transfer your honeymoon fund to a bank account, you can do so for free.  

8. Thank your guests

Every pool generates a financial statement that lists each contributor and their gift amount. 

This concise record helps you save time when you write your Thank You notes.

How to get your honeymoon fund wording right

Money is a popular wedding gift, but if you feel embarrassed to ask for it or your honeymoon fund wording isn’t right, your guests might feel uncomfortable, too. 

When you personalize your Pool Link, you can include a description of your honeymoon fund and what you plan to spend cash gifts on. It’s the perfect place to communicate that your guests come first and their gifts come second. 

To send you on your merry way, here’s some inspiration for your honeymoon fund wording: 

  • “Your presence at our wedding is present enough. But if you'd like to give a gift, please consider our honeymoon fund. We're planning a Hawaiian getaway that includes kayaking in the Pacific, hiking tropical paths, and sipping Mai Tai's at sunset. We can't wait to see you at the wedding!”

  • “Beth and I feel fortunate to have everything we need. So, instead of setting up a traditional registry, we have a honeymoon fund. Every contribution will help us have an amazing honeymoon and create new memories to carry with us for years to come - thanks to you!”

  • “Your love, support, and presence are the greatest gifts we could ask for on our big day. However, if you wish to celebrate with a gift, we’d greatly appreciate contributions to our honeymoon fund. Thank you and we look forward to seeing you at the wedding!”

Honeymoon funds are a win-win for everyone. 

When you set one up, you get to have a dreamy honeymoon without draining your savings. And you give your guests a way to contribute to your special plans in a meaningful way.