We shop online, bank online, and manage just about everything online. So if you want to collect money, it makes sense to collect it online.

But you don’t have time for archaic apps that feel clumsy and cost money. That’s why you should try Braid Money Pools. It’s a fresh new way to collect money online.

Keep reading to discover how to use Braid Pool Links to collect money online from a group and how you can set yours up today.

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How do I collect money online?

You already send, spend, and manage your money online. That’s because mobile banking and peer-to-peer money transfer apps are great for keeping “my” money and “your” money straight. But they fall short when you need a dedicated place for “our money.” 

Is there a way to collect money from a group of people and keep it in a dedicated place? A place you can share with them?

You bet. It’s called Braid. 

How to collect money with Braid Money Pools

Braid is a smart place to collect money online from a group. 

Once you download Braid, create a pool for whatever you’re collecting money for. People use Braid for baby showers, group gifts, surprise parties, membership dues, fundraisers, events, and so much more.

Then create your Pool Link to make it easy to collect money online in three easy steps: personalize it, share it, and send it to everyone you need to collect money from. They can contribute with a debit or credit card, no sign up is required. More on Pool Links below. 

It only takes a few minutes to set up and you can start collecting funds right away. 

What are some of the best ways to collect money from a group online?

Once you set up your pool, how do you collect money from a bunch of people? It’s easy. 

Whether you need to collect money from friends for an upcoming road trip or you’re gathering payments for a teacher’s gift, here are the best tips to collect funds online.

  1. Use Braid: Unlike PayPal or Venmo, people don’t need to sign up with Braid to give you cash. They only need your Pool Link.
  2. Customize your Pool Link: Every pool gets a Pool Link that you can share with anyone. Name your pool, add a photo, and write a custom text so people know exactly what they’re contributing to when they click. 
  3. Share your Pool Link: Your Pool Link can go anywhere: in text messages, emails, newsletters, QR codes, social media, and more. What’s the best way to share your Pool Link? If everyone’s on Facebook, share it there. If people check their inboxes regularly, email your Pool Link.
  4. Start collecting money: People pay into the pool using your Pool Link. It’s free to contribute with a debit card and contributors pay a 3% fee if they pay by credit card. Either way, no one has to sign up to Braid to contribute. They just click your Pool Link, pay, and call it a day. 

Discover how to use Braid to collect money online here 

How do you collect money for a party?

Parties are a lot of fun. But if you’re party planning with other people, you’re also pooling money together. To keep money collection as lighthearted as the party itself, use Braid. 

Whether you need to collect cash for a group gift, a birthday party, the venue, or the caterer, everyone can pitch into your Braid Pool with the Pool Link quickly and conveniently.

Then, whenever you need to pay for anything party-related, pay directly from the pool; there’s no need to transfer funds to another account. 

Every pool comes with a free Braid debit card to use. The Braid card has zero fees so you get to spend 100% of your funds on the party.

How to collect money for an event

PayPal is popular, so why not use this global platform to collect money for an event, fundraiser, or charity drive? Despite its popularity, PayPal has drawbacks: 

  • You can raise money on PayPal’s Generosity Networks. But PayPal has to verify your charity first. Then, your network can only run for 30 days and there are fundraising limits. 
  • Donors cannot contribute without creating a PayPal account.
  • You may have to create a PayPal business account to collect money
  • PayPal fees reduce the amount of money you collect 

With Braid, it’s a completely different story. 

No fees. No controls. No fundraising limits. Braid is free, you get to choose your charity, and you get to fundraise for as long as you want.

Plus, you can manage your pool with anyone by inviting them to join. This way, you can work together to manage pool funds, spend with the Braid card, and more. 

How flexible is that?

What do you need to collect money for?

Since more and more people use mobile banking, it makes sense to collect money online with a mobile app that’s user-friendly, flexible, and fun. 

Here are just some of the ways you can use Braid Pools:

Your friends and family will like Braid. They don’t have to take out money at the ATM or sign up for another app. All they need is your trusty Pool Link. The best part? It doesn’t cost you a penny.

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