Are you stumped on what to give someone this Christmas? Consider cash. Yes, cash. Despite what you might have heard about this taboo topic, cash for Christmas is the coveted gift de jour. 

But rather than give an envelope of cash, try something festive and personal, like Braid Holiday Pools. 

Holiday Pools are good at many things, but they excel at elevating cash gifts and making them feel more thoughtful. 

Plus, they’re so easy to set up you’ll want to gift them every holiday season. We’ll show you how. 

And if you’re secretly wondering how you can receive cash gifts, we see you, and we like your thinking. 

Holiday Pools are great for requesting Christmas money without being tacky. We’ll show you how here. 


  • Is money a good gift for Christmas?
  • What are Holiday Pools, and why are they great gifts? 
  • How to set up a Holiday Pool in 3 easy steps
  • How to gift a Holiday Pool
  • How to ask people for Christmas money this year

Is money a good gift for Christmas? 

When it comes to gifts, there are no hard-set rules. Presents are as nuanced as the people who give and receive them - except when it comes to cash. Have you noticed that?

Whenever you ask if it’s OK to give cash for Christmas, most people say: Don’t do it. Cash is thoughtless

But is it?

According to this Mint study, 61% of Americans prefer to receive cash at Christmas. And why not?

Extra cash gives people financial wiggle room to splurge or invest on things they have to postpone or write off altogether. 

There’s probably at least one person on your list secretly hoping to receive cash. And as much as you’d like to give them what they want, you feel a slight tinge of guilt. Giving money feels like you don’t care or don’t put effort into their gift. 

Enter Holiday Pools. They elevate cash gifts in any amount and are sure to delight. 

Ready to learn more about gifting money with Holiday Pools? Click here to set up and gift a Holiday Pool this Christmas!

What are Holiday Pools, and why are they great gifts?

A Holiday Pool is a dedicated place to put holiday gift money. You can collect money from others if you’re giving a group gift, or simply add funds on your own. 

Then, you can gift the Holiday Pool to anyone on your Christmas list. Recipients can access their Christmas money immediately and spend directly from the pool with a free digital debit card. 

7 reasons why Holiday Pools are great Christmas Money gifts

  1. The Holiday Pool always arrives in time for Christmas. Text the recipient, and they can “open” their Holiday Pool and start spending.
  2. You can go in on a group cash gift by collecting contributions from others with the Pool Link. We’ll show you how below.
  3. Recipients can spend pool money wherever they prefer, unlike gift cards which restrict you to specific retailers or services.
  4. Recipients can quickly check the pool balance on the Braid app. No need to enter lengthy gift card codes on different websites. 
  5. There are no deadlines. Holiday Pools stay open as long as the recipient wants.
  6. Recipients can use Holiday Pools to continue collecting money throughout the year. For example, for birthday money, babysitting, dog sitting, or housesitting money, or to save and budget for specific purchases. 
  7. Holiday Pools are sustainable. Spread peace on earth with zero shopping, shipping, or wrapping. 

How to set up a Holiday Pool in 3 easy steps

1. Start a free Holiday Pool

You can set up a Holiday Pool in 5 minutes or less. After you download Braid, simply name your pool, add an image, choose a color theme, write a brief description, and voila! You’re done. 

2. Add Christmas money 

You can put money in the Holiday Pool via bank transfer or debit card for free or with a credit card for a 3% fee. 

How much money should you give as a Christmas gift? Most people agree that the closer you are to someone, the more you should give them. Our two cents? Never put yourself in a compromising financial situation for gift-giving. The recipient wouldn’t want that!

Are you giving a group cash gift? It’s easy to collect money from others with your Pool Link. 

Share it via text message, social media, email, etc. Anyone with this link can add money to the Holiday Pool quickly and securely. They don’t need to sign up or create an account. 

The fantastic thing about Pool Links? 

You can collect money without inundating your account with money transfers. Christmas money goes straight to the Holiday Pool.

How to gift a Holiday Pool

With one simple text message, you can gift the Holiday Pool. Simply text the invitation link to the recipient. 

After they download Braid, they can accept and access the Holiday Pool. From there, you can exit the pool so the recipient can manage and spend independently.

If you are gifting the Holiday Pool to a child, text the invitation link to their parent or guardian, who can help manage Christmas money with the child.

Recipients can spend 100% of the pool funds with their free digital debit without paying a single transaction fee. They also can transfer pool funds to their bank account if they wish.

Gift a Holiday Pool this holiday season. Click here to get started! 

How can I get money for Christmas?

Would you like to receive money this year rather than accumulate more things? Or would you like your kids to receive cash from well-meaning relatives? 

Setting up a Holiday Pool is a wonderful option. 

The next time someone asks you what you’d like for Christmas, break into your best “I don’t want a lot for Christmas, there is just one thing I need,” and tell them you want money this year. 

We jest. Keep reading to see how to request money without feeling awkward or singing Mariah Carey. 

How to ask people for Christmas money this year

Remember that Mint study? Turns out that as much as people want to receive Christmas money as a gift, they prefer to give thoughtful presents. 

So, how can you tell people that you’re A-okay with monetary gifts? Tact and consideration are essential, as are these simple guidelines:

  • Share why you want money. What would you like to acquire, experience, or invest in? When people know they are helping you experience something special, they’re keener to pitch in.
  • Ask if you can share your Pool Link with them. Tell them that any amount they give is great. Reassure them that it’s okay if they prefer not to give monetary gifts.
  • Thank everyone who contributed to your Holiday Pool! It’s easy; Braid keeps track of everyone who gifted money. Just check your pool transactions. 

Braid’s Holiday Pools make giving and receiving Christmas money more festive and personal than cash envelopes, Venmo transfers, or Visa gift cards. 

Delight friends and family this Christmas by giving them Holiday Pools!

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