When it comes to collecting money at work, you cringe. It can feel awkward, no matter who your colleagues are. 

But you have a knack for finding intuitive solutions, and your sleuth skills brought you here. 

Welcome to Braid! You’re about to join a growing group of intelligent people who use Braid Pools for all things money-related at work. 

Whether you’re collecting money for office parties, group gifts, office expenses, or special occasions, your office or work team can use Braid Pools, Pool Links, and the Braid debit card for everything money-related without feeling awkward - thanks to you.

Keep reading to discover:

  • What Braid is, and how it simplifies collecting money at work
  • 2 tips to smooth out tricky money conversations 
  • 3 reasons Braid is the intelligent solution for collecting money at work 
  • 10 ways you can use Braid Pools at work 

What is Braid, and how does it simplify collecting money at work?

Braid is a new way to collect, manage, and spend money with colleagues. You can take care of every office- or work-related purchase with the Braid Pool, Pool Link, and Braid debit card. Here’s a closer look at each one.

Braid Pool

Your Braid Pool is where you collect money from coworkers. Pooled money never mixes with anyone’s bank account. 

You can spend pool funds directly from the pool for every office or work-related expense, from postage supplies to Happy Hour libations to group gifts. 

You can download a CSV of each pool's transactions if you need to import them into an accounting book or track them in a spreadsheet. 

You’ll be delighted to hear that Braid Pools are free to use. 

The Pool Link is a unique link that automatically comes with your pool. Customize it however you like, and share it to collect money. For example, Pool Links can say braid.co/p/gleam-happy-hour-fund or braid.co/p/office-supplies-fund.

With your Pool Link, colleagues can contribute with their debit or credit cards. They don’t need to sign up for anything. Pool Links are a great way to collect money for one-off expenses, like an office party. 

You can also regularly collect funds without having to badger anyone, thanks to Braid’s newest feature, Recurring Add $.

Whether your office throws a monthly birthday party or needs to replenish office supplies every few weeks, use Recurring Add $ to set the frequency and amount everyone needs to add to the pool.

To use Recurring Add $ with your team, invite them to sign up and join the team office pool. From there they can set up their recurring transfers. 

Once everyone contributes, you can purchase what you need without paying out of pocket or nagging anyone. 

Braid debit card

You get a free digital debit card with your pool to spend funds conveniently. There’s no need to transfer them to your bank account first. 

There’s also no need to pay for everything yourself. As pool admin, you can assign spending permissions to other colleagues so they can help you make work-related purchases.

Whether you spend alone or with others, every transaction is visible in the app and ensures everyone remains within budget. 

If you need to send money to your bank account quickly, use Instant Send. For a small convenience fee, you get pool money in minutes rather than 3 to 5 business days.

2 tips to smooth out tricky money conversations

Before you start a pool and share your Pool Link, consider these two tips to avoid stressful money conversations.

1. Check your office policy 

Before collecting money at work, check with your boss or human resources manager to get informed about your company’s policies regarding collections. You may need to make a formal request or stay within specific parameters.

2. Take a vote with your office or team

People feel more comfortable contributing to group initiatives if they are involved from the get-go. 

So, rather than spring something on everybody, take a vote to see how coworkers want their pooled money spent. 

For example, does your office have fixed expenses, like break-room refreshments, postage, or bathroom supplies? 

Figure out these monthly costs, divide them by the number of colleagues, and suggest Recurring Add $ to everyone on your team. This way, you always have enough to cover office expenses and never need to pay out of pocket. 

At the end of the year, you can use any leftover funds for an end-of-year holiday party or charitable organization. 

What if your colleagues want to pool money for monthly birthday parties, quarterly lunches, TGIF Happy Hours, or a holiday bash? Take a vote and decide how much everyone should contribute. Collect funds with your Pool Link and plan for a year of fun events.  

Ready to collect money in your office pool? Click here to learn how.

3 reasons Braid is the intelligent solution for collecting money at work

1. Braid Pools never put people on the spot 

Do you dread putting colleagues on the spot and asking them for money? Avoid this with Pool Links. Text or email your link, and people can pitch in privately, whether at work or home.

As pool admin, you can collect and track contributions quietly—no stress or workday disruptions when everyone uses Braid. 

2. Coworkers don’t need to sign up for anything

To contribute, your colleagues only need the Pool Link, unlike Venmo, PayPal, or Zelle, which requires everyone to create an account. 

Your colleagues only need to download Braid if you invite them to become pool members with you. For this, you’ll send an invitation link, and once they create a Braid account, they can share pool management tasks with you, like: 

  • Adding another admin to the pool
  • Transferring money out
  • Spending with the debit card
  • Viewing transactions
  • Inviting others to the pool
  • Adhering to daily spending limits

To learn more about managing your pool with colleagues, check out this post

3. Money collection is simple 

With Braid Pools, you don’t have to worry about exact change, cash envelopes, or mixing office money with your bank account. You can collect and manage pool funds effortlessly from your pool. 

10 ways you can use Braid Pools at work 

Maybe you’re here because you need a way to pay for office supplies without paying out of pocket and hoping you get reimbursed. 

Or, maybe you need a better way to collect money for the annual holiday party that doesn’t include passing around an envelope.

Whatever the case, here are 10 top ways you can use Braid to collect money at work. Which ones do your office need most?

1. Office or team lunches 

To pull off a successful office lunch, you need to consider the setup, catering, delivery, dietary restrictions, and more. 

Your Braid Pool keeps the financial aspect simple so you can focus on those other important details. Your Braid Pool also keeps you within budget, so you never have to worry about overspending.

2. Office party funds

With the Braid debit card, you can cover party expenses, from venue deposits to office decor. 

The digital card makes online purchasing quick and convenient. You can also order a physical debit card for easy in-person spending. 

Remember, you can set spending permissions with other pool members so they can help you purchase party supplies, too.

3. Office group gifts

Whether your coworker is having a baby, getting married, or leaving the team, you may want to celebrate with a group gift. 

Remember, people prefer giving group gifts to other team or department members, not people they rarely work with. 

So, rather than collect money from everyone at work, stick to those closest to the celebrant to ensure the collection goes smoothly. 

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4. Social networking and client meetings

Do you and your team want to stay on the cutting edge, gain industry knowledge, or attract new investors? You might attend seminars, workshops, local events, and other social networking opportunities. Use your pooled funds to cover registration costs, meals, etc. 

5. Group trips

You’re excited about this year. If everyone reaches their goals, you will celebrate with a group trip. 

Use Braid to collect and spend the office’s pooled money easily. The hard part? Deciding where you’ll go once you hit your quota, gain 250k more subscribers, or win a fantastic contract. 

You don’t mind occasionally paying for gas mileage or picking up the tab when lunching with a client. But you prefer not to make it a habit. 

Your office pool ensures that work-related expenses come out of the pool, not your pocket. 

7. Office items, like postage and shipping materials, office supplies, refreshments, fresh flowers, etc. 

Keep the cooler stocked with everyone’s favorite beverages, and never run out of printer ink again. When running low on office essentials, double-check your Braid Pool balance and purchase what you need with your Braid debit card. Easy.

8. TGIF Happy Hours

“Work hard, play hard” fits your office culture. That’s why everyone contributes to the weekly TGIF Happy Hour Fund to kick back and throw a few back every Friday. 

Depending on your pool balance, you can take the happy hour to a local bar or keep it at the office. (Remember to check your company policy first!)

If, for any reason, you need to press pause on Happy Hours, simply keep the pool open to collect funds for the next chin-chin. 

9. Charitable causes or fundraisers 

The convenience of Pool Links makes Braid Pools an excellent place to collect money for a fundraiser. With your Pool Link, anyone can contribute with a debit card for free. Or, for a 3% fee, they can donate via credit card.

But that’s not all. Your Pool Links ensure you don’t impose on anyone. 

How do you ask for donations from coworkers?

With Pool Links, people can donate at their discretion (or not) without everyone in the office knowing their decision. 

If you’re unsure how to invite coworkers to donate, try this: 

  • Offer your fundraiser as one possible way for them to make a charitable contribution that year.
  • Let them know that you welcome donations in any amount.
  • Assure them that there is no pressure to donate.

10. Collect and send money to a colleague  

We already talked about using your pool to collect money for a group gift, but you can also collect and send money to a colleague. 

How to do a collection for a colleague if they don’t have a Braid account?

It’s easy. Set up your pool and share your Pool Link to gather everyone’s contributions.

Then, use the Braid Money Link to send the pool balance to the recipient. Here’s how it works:

  • Braid generates a link for the recipient to claim the money in the form of Braid Cash
  • Copy the link and send it via text, email, etc. 
  • Add a custom message to personalize the Money Link
  • Remind the recipient to kindly accept their monetary gift within 14 days (The link expires after 14 days)

Collecting money at work doesn’t have to induce eye rolling, brow furrowing, or nervous fidgeting. It can be no big deal

And with Braid, it is! Using Braid Pools, Pool Links, and the Braid debit card, you can easily collect, manage, and spend money for your team and office.

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