Christmas is a celebratory season. But nothing would give you more joy than completing your Christmas shopping. 🥳

Well, turn up the Christmas tunes and do a little dance. You’re one step closer to the gift-giving finish line with the ultimate Christmas gift card: Braid Holiday Pools. 

Holiday Pools aren’t just any old gift card. They bring joy-to-the-world - or, at least, to you and your recipient’s world - and we’re excited to tell you all about them. 

Keep reading to see how to set up and gift the very best Christmas gift card with Holiday Pools. 

Good cheer awaits! 



  • Are gift cards a good idea for Christmas?
  • What is the best gift card to give for Christmas? 
  • How do I give someone a Christmas gift card?
  • How much should you give for a Christmas gift card?

Are gift cards a good idea for Christmas? 

Holiday gift cards get a bad rep for being a thoughtless present. But any gift-giver knows they’re a godsend when you’re down to the wire, stumped on ideas, or need a stocking filler. 

Recipients like them, too, because it’s like getting two gifts in one. The first gift is “free money.” The second gift is the one they purchase.

What is the best gift card to give for Christmas? 

Let’s cut to the chase. Braid Holiday Pools are the crème de la crème when it comes to Christmas gift cards. 

Set up a Holiday Pool here!

Braid Holiday Pools are a festive, dedicated place where you can add money and gift it. It’s like placing cash in a holiday card, except better: 

You add funds to a Holiday Pool and text it to the recipient so they can manage and spend Christmas money however they want. You can do all this and more from your phone. 

We’ll show you how to set up and gift Holiday Pools below, but here’s why you’ll want to in the first place.


Holiday Pools offer flexible spending

Last Christmas, I gave you [pick a gift card], but the very next day, you gave it away.

Can you relate? It’s probably because most gift cards lock recipients into specific retailers and services. But people like gift cards with a little more freedom. 

That’s why Holiday Pools are always a safe bet. Recipients can use Holiday Pool funds in-person or online wherever Mastercard is accepted. It’s the one gift card no one wants to re-gift!

Holiday Pools are free

Holiday Pools are a step up from the gift cards in stores and online. So, what’s the catch? Do they cost extra?

You’ll be happy to hear that Holiday Pools are free to set up and use. You can add funds for free via bank transfer or debit card, or you can add money via credit card for a 3% fee. 

Recipients can spend Christmas money without paying a single transaction fee, maintenance fee, or overdraft fee. 

Maybe we should call them Happy Holiday Pools?

You can make Holiday Pools personal

Some decry gift cards, saying they’re general, generic, and lazy. But we beg to differ. 

You can make Holiday Pools thoughtful by personalizing them with a fitting photo, a brief message, inside jokes, etc. 

Plus, there’s a good chance your recipient has never “opened” a Holiday Pool before. So, you’ll be gifting them bragging rights in addition to Christmas money. 

Look at you, trendsetter!

Holiday Pools are sustainable

Are you trying to celebrate a more eco-friendly holiday? Holiday Pools are a sustainable gifting solution.

You don’t have to go shopping, ship, or wrap anything. You can do everything from your phone.

🎁 Holiday Pools are perfect for:

  1. People who like to shop
  2. People who are hard to shop for because they buy everything they need
  3. Acquaintances you don’t know well
  4. When you need to reciprocate a gift quickly 
  5. Cool kids who are hard to delight

Recipients can transfer pool funds to their bank account

Did you ever get a gift card you wished you could magically transfer to your bank account so you could actually buy something you wanted? With Holiday Pools, your recipients can.

While they can easily spend pool funds directly with the free digital Braid debit card, they can also move Christmas money to their bank account for free. 

Recipients can quickly check their gift card balance

Raise your hand if you’ve ever ended up with a gift card for which it is impossible to find the balance.

Holiday Pools are remarkably different. Recipients can check the pool balance in the app: no tedious codes or hacking skills required. 

Holiday Pools can be used in many different ways 

Just as your recipient can use gift card money as they please, they can also use Holiday Pools in different ways.

After the holidays, they can continue to collect money in their pool for birthday money, babysitting, dog sitting, or housesitting money, graduations or religious milestones, or to save and budget for specific purchases.

Set up a Holiday Pool and give the ultimate Christmas gift card here!

How do I give someone a Christmas gift card?

You can gift a Holiday Pool from your smartphone in 3 quick steps:

  1. Set up the Holiday Pool in 5 minutes or less
  2. Add funds alone or with others
  3. Gift the Holiday Pool with a simple text message

Here’s a closer look at each one:

1. Set up the Holiday Pool in 5 minutes or less

After downloading Braid, you can set up a Holiday Pool in minutes. 

Name it, upload an image or photo, choose a color palette, write a brief description, and customize your Pool Link. That’s it

2. Add funds alone or with others

If you’re the only one gifting money, add funds to the Holiday Pool via bank transfer or debit card free of charge. You can also add money via credit card for a 3% fee. 

Are you going in on a group gift card? Share your Pool Link with anyone to collect money. They can add money via debit or credit card, too; they’ll only be charged the 3% fee if they pay with a credit card. 

How much should you give for a Christmas gift card?


The appropriate dollar amount varies from person to person. If you’re unsure, consider these guidelines: 

  • For casual acquaintances, like coworkers, teachers, or distant relatives: $20 or less per Holiday Pool
  • For close friends and family members: $30 to $75 per Holiday Pool
  • For partners or spouses: $100+ per Holiday Pool

3. Gift the Holiday Pool with a simple text message

Ready to gift the best Christmas gift card in town? Text a surprise invitation link to the recipient. 

Once they download Braid, they can accept and “open" their Holiday Pool. Then, you can exit the pool so they can manage and spend independently. 

Make this Christmas extra special with Holiday Pools. Recipients get flexible Christmas money to spend however they want, and you get all the credit. How’s that for happy holidays?

Create your first Holiday Pool here!

Give the Best Christmas Gift Card with Holiday Pools

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